One act can inspire a movement.
One candle can wipe out darkness.
One hope can raise spirits.
One extra degree can push water from being hot at 211° to boiling at 212°, creating steam powerful enough to propel turbines and engines.
Pervasive Learning – learning at the speed of need through formal,
informal, and social modalities.
What is it that usually separates those who are successful from those who are not...the ability to keep going and moving forward in the face of difficult odds or lack of visible results. Often the results we seek are "just around the corner" if we persist and don't give up!

A perfect analogy is water. At 212 degrees Fahrenheit, water will boil. But if you stop heating water at 211 degrees, you will not reach the goal of boiling. . . THAT is the difference a single degree more can make!

Many of us, while carrying on with our academic careers and professional occupations or being home makers, would like to educate ourselves in areas of a long-cherished passion and interests or simply expose ourselves to things we desire to learn. We at 212, bring to you the opportunity to fulfill your quest with inspiration, technical learning and hands-on practice that refines your skills and stimulates you to achieve your goal.
Keeping in mind the busy lifestyles, our programs and modules are tailored as part-time compact learning capsules, which help in connecting knowledge seekers to recognized and renowned educators. 212 brings to you limitless opportunities and fosters creative learning for students of any age desirous of learning various topics which are not taught formally in regular curriculum and provide a general yet comprehensive overview on diverse subjects.
The workshops are open to all and connect you to leading professionals in varied non academic fields. Our workshops are highly interactive with a fun mix of lecture-demonstrations, audio-visual presentations and practical sessions. We are committed to take your skills to the next level through our curated courses designed to magnify your professional growth and propel your career forward.
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